The Cottage is monitored carefully while we await its renovation. Twice a week a cleaner visits who inspects the whole of the inside of the Cottage while the garden and exterior of the building are checked once a fortnight by the gardener.

The 2013 Estate Agents Brochure of Sale can be downloaded here

The announcement in the Guardian newspaper (September 2015) of the successful purchase of the Cottage and its conveyance into trust can be found here.

A detailed update on the progress of the project (October 2016) can be downloaded here.

The Report of the Structural Engineers can be read here.

An item broadcast on ITV News at Ten on 13 December 2016 about the funds needed to restore Blake’s Cottage can be watched here.

The Archaeological Survey of the Cottage can be read here.

Display boards prepared by the Architects RMA for the public meeting in June 2017 can be seen here.

The Architect’s Plans for the Cottage (January 2018) can be downloaded here

Below are some recent clippings from the local newspaper : the Bognor Regis Observer: